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Your views on vaccinations and reopening

After a very long time of missing friends, we are delighted that the Club is finally reopening for TGIF on Friday August 6. Following that, we will also start to reopen for other events and activities — more information will be available very soon!

Though Stage 3 of the Province’s reopening is expected to be fairly short-term and continues restrictions we must follow, it does not say anything about vaccination requirements. Most of us will have been fully vaccinated, with the increased  confidence that brings. However, before we open, we would like to get members’ thoughts on whether full vaccination/medical exemption should be a requirement for attending Club events. 

This survey will apply to Stage 3 only and would be revisited when the Province enters Stage 4.  At that time, we may ask you again.

Please answer by Monday, July 26. We look forward to hearing from you!