Room Sizes and Rental Charges

Dinner Minimum $55 (excludes beverages, taxes and gratuities)
Guest minimums vary per room. Please consult with the Catering Manager.

For rooms required over two time period, a double room booking rental applies.
A rental rate of $1,550 applies for the Great Hall and the Lounge on Friday, Saturday or Sunday evenings.

Audio-Visual, Stage and Performance Equipment Rental

Flip Chart or Whiteboard/ markers $20

Projection screen $25

LCD Projector $250.00

50″ flat screen TV monitor $50

Wireless/Lapel Microphones $35 each

A/V Tech Personnel listed below

Podium & Microphone complimentary

Steinway Concert Grand Piano $200.00

Steinway Baby Grand Piano $100.00

Piano tuning $150.00 if requested

Pianos are tuned on a regular basis and located on the floor not on the stage

Other Fees and Charges

Socan Music Union Fees $41.13 with dancing; $20.56 without dancing

ReSound $9.25 with dancing

A/V Tech Personnel $55.00 per hour, minimum 5 hours apply

Cake Handling $50 when a cake is served with other dessert items

Cake Service $1.50 per person if cake is plated and served

Ceremony Setup $250 when Ceremony and Reception are held in the same room

Early/Late Access $150 when access is required outside of the rental time period

Bartending $150 when beverage consumption is less that $300 (exclusive of taxes)