Members’ Exhibition — April 2021

Members’ Spring Exhibition Gallery

Club artists celebrate emergence from a long pandemic-oriented winter with the largest yet on line exhibition of their work. Enjoy!

We hope that you enjoy browsing through the images.  Most of the pieces are for sale. If you are interested in purchasing, please contact both the Club office and the artist.  Payments should be made through the office.  The Club’s commission, 20% of the sale price, goes to the Club’s Art Fund, and is used for purchases and maintenance of the Club’s Art collection.

Contact the artists through their websites or by email
Andrew Benyei
Laurie De Camillis
Nancy De Boni
Heidi Burkhardt
Mel Delija
Maureen Eustace
Pat Fairhead
Keesha Freskiw
Suparna Ghosh
Jack Gilbert
Camilla Gryski
Janet Hendershot
Janet Hunter
Margie Hunter Hoffmann
John Inglis
Peter G.S. Large
Viola LIndala
Lynda Lynn
Bill Michelson
Marjut Nousiainen
Anya Orzechowska
Sue Russell
Felicity Somerset
Alan Stein
Alan Torok
Carol Westcott
Karen Wyler