An Important New Award for Visual Artists

The Ina Gilbert Award

The 2022 Ina Gilbert Visual Arts Award of $1,000, will go to a visual artist with a body of work that is contemporary and multi-media. It is offered by Club member, Jack Gilbert, in honour of his wife, Ina, herself a distinguished artist whose art practice spanned more than 50 years and covered a wide range of media including etching, modular art, photography, and digital works.

The award is administered by the Arts and Letters of Toronto Foundation and will be announced on June 26, 2022.

Club Members are invited to nominate a non-member artist for this award. Here’s how:

•   Contact the artist to make them aware of the award and get their consent to nominate them.

•   Complete the Nomination Form, below

•   Refer them to this page and to the “For Artists: Call for Entry” link below.  This must be submitted by June 8, 2022.

This year’s Award winner: Kyle Stewart

From 2003 Kyle Stewart taught illustration in the School of Fashion at Ryerson University. He works out of a new studio in Cobourg, Ontario.

His work has been exhibited throughout Canada, the US, and Europe. His paintings merge loose impressionistic imagery with elements of realism and figurative subject matter.

You can visit his website here

Kyle Stewart: Full Circle

About Ina Gilbert

Ina Gilbert had a long and prolific career as a visual artist, working in a range of media from traditional to digital.  You can read her story and see her work at