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In addition to the Club’s general operations, there are two specific funds that accept donations:

  • The Capital Reserve Fund. Our Club’s home, the St George’s Hall, is a building that we all enjoy and cherish. It is also a national treasure, recognized in 2009 by Parks Canada as a National Historic Site. But old buildings need care, and we rely on members for their assistance. This fund addresses capital expenditures on major upgrades and repairs.
  • The Arts & Letters Club Bursary Fund provides assistance with Club fees on a one-time basis for members who may have difficulty paying the Club fee due to a temporary drop in income. It can also be used as a free top-up for young arts professionals who might want to join the Club but would otherwise not be able to afford the annual fee.

The Club also welcomes special donations from donors who have a particular interest in one of the Club’s programs or assets. These can be donations in kind, such as art. Please contact the office for further information. Donations can be made by cheque, e-transfer, VISA, Mastercard or debit card. 

Consider remembering the Club in your will! If you wish to consider an endowment please contact the Treasurer.

The Arts and Letters Club of Toronto Foundation
Members are also invited to support the Foundation’s programs.