Members’ Exhibition — March 2021

Beginnings/Endings Gallery

The Art Committee chose the Beginning/Endings theme for the exhibition in the context of Covid. The pandemic has created new beginnings for many of us, and also endings to some of the ways we have done things in the past. And we are all still wondering what our new world will look like: what will we keep and what will we discard. Each artist has taken a very personal approach to the theme which goes beyond the current situation.

We hope that you enjoy browsing through the images.  Most of the pieces are for sale. If you are interested in purchasing, please contact both the Club office and the artist.  Payments should be made through the office.  The Club’s commission, 20% of the sale price, goes to the Club’s Art Fund, and is used for purchases and maintenance of the Club’s Art collection.

Contact the artists through their websites or by email
Andrew Benyei
Laurie DeCamillis
Gayle Dempsey
Nancy De Boni
Mel Delija
Maureen Eustace
Keesha Freskiw
Gord Fulton
Jack Gilbert
Janet Hendershot
Janet Hunter
Judy Raymer Ivkoff
Ernie Kerr
Viola Lindala
Peter G.S. Large
Lynda Lynn
Peter Marsh
Felicity Somerset
Alan Stein