Art & Literature Join Forces

Art and Poetry

The Club’s Literary and Visual Arts Committees are collaborating on a celebration of poetry and art. Club artists chose poems by Club poets and interpreted them through works of visual art.  Please enjoy both the art and the poetry!

We hope that you have enjoyed reading the poetry and browsing through the images inspired by them. Most of the pieces are for sale. If you are interested in making a purchase, please contact both the Club office and the artist.  Payments should be made through the office.  The Club’s commission, 20% of the sale price, goes to the Club’s Art Fund, and is used for purchases and maintenance of the Club’s Art collection.

The link to contact the artist is by clicking on a name.  You may also visit the artists’ websites.

Heidi Burkhardt   website
Andrew Benyei    website
Mel Delija
Laurie De Camillis   website
Suparna Ghosh   website
John Noel Inglis     website
Peter Hendrick   website
Peter G. S. Large
Viola Lindala
Ian McGillivray
Ulla Nystrom   website
Andrew Ross    website
Felicity Somerset    website
Alan Stein   website
Rati Vajpeyi   website
Carol Westcott    website