What is the Arts & Letters Club?

About Us

Who are we?

People who love the arts. Over half of us are Professional Members whose careers have been in the creative or performing arts — typically in Literature, Architecture, Music, Painting/visual arts or Stage — what we call “LAMPS.”  But you will also find members who are interested in photography, book design, film, radio, television, journalism, poetry, interior design, sculpture, illustration, set design, computer graphics, advertising and public relations . . .

What happens at the Club?

Although some activities have been derailed by COVID-19, in more normal times the Club is remarkable for the number and variety of events taking place in any month.  We hold regular art exhibitions, weekly literary and music luncheons, Club Night dinners with interesting speakers, musical and/or dramatic stage productions, and Friday lunches where members simply “catch up”.

Members take part in groups exploring creative writing, the art of conversation, photography, play readings, wine tastings.  Several times a week artists gather in our 3rd floor studio to paint the model, and they also enjoy plein air painting outings. Choristers among us perform at special events, and each Friday night our Ad Lib group offers improv and alternative performances aimed at, but not exclusive to, our younger Members!

We celebrate festive events: an annual Boar’s Head procession, a festive Christmas lunch, New Year’s Eve galas, Burns dinners, theatre outings, and an annual solstice party. Each April, we produce our renowned Spring Revue, a tradition since the late 1920s.

The Club’s history is rich, and our Archives are full of wonderfully interesting historical artifacts dating back over a century.

You will find us engaged in spirited discussions in the cosy library, the lounge, or across the dining tables —  good conversation and camaraderie are long-standing traditions.  We have an excellent dining room with a wonderful and creative Chef.

We are located at 14 Elm Street in downtown Toronto.